Saturday, April 25, 2009

Family Fun Day

What a wonderful day we had! It was a much needed, leisurely family day. We finally took Cash to the McWane Science Center and we saw an "Underwater" Imax movie. Cash LOVES fish, sharks, turtles, and for anything to "make a splash" as he says. It was really neat to watch in the Imax dome... you feel like you're swimming with the sea creatures... I think that's as close to scuba diving as I'll ever get. I was getting a little dizzy at first and thought it might be too realistic for me (I get motion sickness... bad!), but I got used to it. Halfway through the film Cash asked, "How come it's not over yet?" Which is code for "I'm over this and ready to leave." But he stuck it out and said he liked it. I left my camera in the car, so I didn't get any pictures of him playing with the fun stuff in the science center, but here are a few pics from his birthday dinner at my house instead (I've been meaning to post them!). We obviously had a lot of fun! Craziness and silliness begins to unravel when you get my family together. Tiffany found a bag of balloons and a pump and voila - we had balloon art. Then the clone trooper helmet was unwrapped and the party really began (see grandpa getting beat up)!!!

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