Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick Again

We were awoken to the smell of diarrhea on Sunday morning, then there was the vomit, and soon came the fever. Our poor little Cashiman was struck again with some kind of nasty virus. And, I was to be a hostess at my friend Laura Leigh's baby shower... what is it with viruses striking when I am hosting baby showers??? Well, needless to say, I missed my sweet friends shower and was at home with my sick little boy. All he wanted was his momma... and I didn't need to go infect my pregnant friend. We are still at home trying to get rid of this fever. If it's not gone tomorrow we are headed to the doctor. At least he got sick BEFORE we went out of town... I would be so sad if he was sick and I wasn't with him.

On a lighter note... Cash is turning more and more into a little boy every day. His new thing is for me to call him "whatever he is doing - man." For instance, if he is at bat while we are playing baseball, I am to call him "the batter man." Today, he was pushing his little lawn mower and I was intructed to refer to him as "lawn mower man." Then he tells me to ask him, "What are you doing lawn mower man?" So I do, and then says, "I'm just mowing the lawn." I think it's absolutely hysterical.

We leave for Vegas in less than 48 hours and I am so ready to go spend some quality time with my hubby!!!

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